In addition to our other services, we are striving to raise more awareness about the issues revolving around being a refugee. We are also very interested in showcasing how important Refugee Learning Center is to the refugee kids stuck in limbo. In order to do that we conduct interviews with the students frequently and ask them about their opinion. Following are the stories from students of various classes sharing with you what this center means to them.

"My name is Mohammad Rasooli and I am 16 years old. I was born in Tehran, Iran and that is where I grew up. But my parents are originally from Afghanistan. I want to be a businessman in the future. Although I also believe that everyone should have a backup plan in case the first one does not go as intended. So I also dream to become a professional football player.

I came to Indonesia about two years ago with my family and the first few months were very hard for me. I did not know anyone and I spent the whole day sleeping or wandering around aimlessly outside. After joining Refugee Learning Center, my life was given a new purpose. I started to think about my future and what I want to do when I move to a third country. So I’m working very hard for my studies and my goals now."

"I’m Nadia and I am from Iran. We belong to Feyli, Kurd tribe. Growing up, life was very difficult because we were from a minority group. In order to get accepted to a public school, we had to go through many hardships.

In school, I chose Stock Market Education because I am very interested in that field. I plan to become a stock broker later in my life. Another thing I plan to do is to build a school for underprivileged people. Because I know how it feels when you can't go to school.

I now study in Refugee Learning Center. There are a lot of differences between a regular school and RLC. We don’t have many resources and equipment. But I have a lot of love and respect for our center. Despite the lack of facilities, this learning center has blessed me with more than just basic education. I feel that for majority of the students it is the only place where they can laugh with their friends and forget about their frustrations in life."

"My name is Ali Hashmat Sultani and I am a Hazara from Afghanistan. I live in Indonesia with my uncle and my cousins. I could not finish my studies when I was in Afghanistan and there is no opportunity for me to complete them here. Therefore, my biggest wish right now is to move to a country where I can finish my studies and become a pilot. My second wish is to be reunited with my family as soon as possible because I miss them so much!
Life as a refugee in Indonesia is very stressful. I have no fixed future and I feel hopeless every day. But being a student in Refugee Learning Center helps me keep myself busy. Every student and volunteer there is also a refugee so RLC feels like home. We learn English, revise what we have studied in the past and try to prepare ourselves for our future."

“I am Zahra Rezai, 12 years old and I am from Afghanistan. I study in Elementary class in RLC and I love this center! My best friend and I are very close. We didn’t know each other before Indonesia but we are inseparable now. She is someone who motivates me every day. One time I scored very badly in a test but she told me not to give up and work harder next time so I can do better. She is a very good friend!

I love my teachers too. They make everything more fun and they bring activities in class which makes learning easier for us. I just wish we had more facilities to improve our practical skills because I want to be a fashion designer in the future. My mom used to design beautiful dresses for me when I was younger and I’m inspired by her creativity so I want to be like her when I grow up.”

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