Running a community-based learning center is not an easy job. Especially when you are a refugees who are not allowed to work. You are always waiting for help from the outside. 


You can support us by donating however much you can through the “Donate” button in top. Remember that every little bit helps. Even 5$ from each of our supporters can make a HUGE difference to us!


Everyone working here at Refugee Learning Center is a volunteer. No one receives any kind of financial benefit. All we are trying to do is collect enough donations to cover our basic needs, like for example rent, stationery for the students, electricity, water and gas. Also since our teachers and management members work for free and travel from far away every day, the least we can do is provide their transportation fee, which is roughly 7$ per month.


Sometimes we also have some other necessities, which will increase our quality of education. For example oxford curriculum books, small tables for the classes, and a photocopier machine.

Photo by: Abdullah Sarwari

With your help, today’s refugees in limbo can become contributors to your society tomorrow.

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Wish List

We also have a wish list which is given below. We have a number of necessities which are used on a daily basis and can run out eventually. And some other needs which are a one time purchase like a laptop which will be used by our teachers and students for different purposes. Please take a look and if you can provide any of them it would mean a great deal to us.